Tourists in United States

Where are the most international visitors to the USA from?

I Think Canada… or Mexico if we count the inmigrants.

How much does the typical visitor spend during their visit to the USA?

maybe around U$A 3.000

How  long does the average international tourist stay in USA?

Around 16 nights I think becouse I know that rhe average length of stay for all US visitors in 2008 was 17.8 days, maybe today its similar You know?

What is the top atraction in the USA?

The Grand Canyon but for the book its Disney World

How many international tourists does the top attraction receive every year?

37 Million

There are seven natural wonders of the wordls. Wich one is in the USA

Its very most relative…but the Grand Canyon.

How do you say  the American english word vacation, cab  elevator, restroom in British English?

Holiday, Taxi, lift, toilet,

When do people celebrate Thanksgiving day in the USA?

The fourth Thursday of November

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agosto 27, 2018

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